• How do I register for the CTA?
    Step 1- From the CTA website, create an account and enter your email address. Then you will receive an email prompting you to create a password.
    Step 2- Log into "My Account" using your email address and password. Scroll down and find the Academy of your choice and click on "Register" and you will then register for the Academy of your choice. You will complete the registration process by choosing the options you prefer and also choosing the method of payment for each section. (If your fees will be paid by a Purchase Order, you will need to give your registration form to your school administrator to mail your registration form with a copy of the Purchase Order.) Once you have completed registering your choices, click on "Save Registration". You will then be sent an automatic email to your email address and attached to this email is a PDF of your two-page registration form. Print the two-page PDF registration form and refer to the second page. Complete the payment information on the second page, either paying by check, credit card, or Purchase Order; and mail your two-page registration form to JMU Conference Services, the address listed above the Personal Contact Information section:  CTA 2019, JMU Conference Services, MSC 4206, Harrisonburg, VA 22807
  • Do you accept walk-in registrations?
    No, all registration must be completed by the date posted on the CTA website.
  • Can I add or drop graduate credit at the CTA?
  • Yes, you can change your status at check-in or on Monday night during the Graduate Credit Add/Drop Session held from 5:00-6:30 PM, Conf Rm 3 Hallway. No changes may be made after Monday night 6:30 PM and all payments and refunds must be completed during that time.  To receive a refund of your graduate credit fees paid by you or your school if you drop graduate credit, you must request a refund during check-in or the Graduate Credit Add/Drop Session.  Please see Bonnie Powell during check-in or during the Graduate Credit Add/Drop Session for payments and refunds of graduate credit.  Monday, 6:30 PM, is the deadline to request and receive REFUNDS for Graduate Credit payments.
  • Can I get a refund?
  • If you cancel your registration before the close of registration, you can get a refund minus a $25 processing fee. No refunds are issued after the close of registration.  Please call or email Bonnie Powell for payment refunds.
  • How can I obtain a receipt for the fees I paid to attend the CTA?
    The second page of the PDF of your two-page Registration Form attached to your confirmation email shows a zero balance or you may contact Bonnie Powell of JMU Conference Services at 540-568-8043, or email powellbs@jmu.edu and she will provide you a receipt of payment received.
  • What does my registration fee cover?
  • All instructional materials, daily snacks and lunch (Monday-Thursday) and buffet picnic on Thursday evening.
  • What about my other meals?
    An on-campus meal plan can also be purchased by all participants which includes breakfast (Monday-Friday) and dinner (Monday-Wednesday).
  • Are there Grants for any of the Academies?  Yes.
    Please view each academy page for description and grant details.
  • How many recertification points do I earn?
    Typically it is 30 recertification points for Attendance Only and 90 recertification points when taken for Graduate Credit.  However, all final decisions are made by local school districts.  The Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual provides guidance for all license holders and may be accessed on the VDOE website or by clicking here.
  • What is provided in a dorm room? 
    Linens provided:  two flat sheets, pillow and pillowcase, blanket, four bath towels and two washcloths are provided for those staying on-campus.  Bring extra towels and washcloths if you prefer more than what is provided.
  • Should I bring additional items? 
    In case you have forgotten the difference between a dorm and a hotel, we suggest you consider bringing some of the following: a lamp or reading light, a hand-held mirror, a shower caddy and flip-flops, an alarm clock, a fan, your own pillow, extra towels and washcloths (if you prefer more than what is provided), and an extra blanket (dorms are air-conditioned), a radio, and perhaps a cooler or small refrigerator.
  • Is cable TV provided?
    No, there is no cable TV.
  • What are my Credit Options?
    1.  Attendance Only Credit
    Attend and participate in all sessions.
    Certificates of successful completion of 30 hours of professional development will be distributed to Attendance Only Credit participants with perfect attendance records.
    NOTE: The Content Teaching Academy cannot grant professional development points.  Most school districts will recognize the CTA as being worth 30 professional devvelopment points.
    2.  Graduate Course credit
    Attend and participate in all sessions, including two additional evening sessions
    Complete all course work required after the week of the Academy.
    Graduate credit participants will not receive a certificate. An official JMU transcript provides proof of successful completion.  Three graduate credit hours will be awarded for successful completion. 
    For ALL Options:
    The CTA will provide opportunities for professional development and graduate credit.  It is the responsibility of the teacher attending the CTA to know what they need and apply the credit earned in the proper manner.
  • How do I get my grade?
    Graduate credit participants will not receive a certificate. An official JMU transcript provides proof of successful completion. Click here to request a transcript.
  • When will I receive my certificate?
    Attendance Only certificates will be mailed in July. NO certficate is distributed for graduate credit. This grade will appear on your JMU official transcript and may be requested by clicking here.